One of the primary functions of sprinkler systems is to provide enough and sufficient water for our lawns. It keeps our yard free from drought by providing a daily dose of water. During the dry season, sprinklers play a vital role in ensuring healthy and greener lawns and yards.  

Sprinkler system is the best and wise choice if you want to ensure that your lawns and yards are well-handled and maintained. With the help of sprinklers, you will never worry about watering your yards and lawns every day. You will no longer worry about the proper watering of plants, sods, flowers, and many more. You will never deal with the heat of the sun while watering or the presence of harmful elements. However, a sprinkler maybe is advantageous, but the installation is challenging and quite stressful. We need to ensure that the people we are about to hire are quality, trusted, and trustworthy. We need to ensure that our lawns are well taken care of by experts and professionals. But, with sprinkler installation Troy, sprinkler installation and maintenance will no longer be a problem. With their team of professionals that are fully equipped with the necessary skills, everything is worth investing in your lawns and yards! 

Sprinkler system has different types. It is designed for effective and efficient uses that perfectly suit your needs. Do you have any idea about the types of sprinkler systems that are perfect for your lawns and yards? If none, then we have them for your convenience and information: 

  • THE ROTARY. From the name itself, rotary sprinklers rotate and spray water on your lawns. Usually, it creates a circular motion that will generate droplets of water. It is a type of sprinkler system that is popular in gardens. Also, it is best for lawns. The rotary sprinklers will ensure that everything in your area will reserve the same amount of water. Because of the advantages we can get in rotary sprinklers, experts have made types of these materials. It includes the stream rotor sprinklers, Gear-driven sprinklers, and impact sprinklers. All of them have specific characteristics that are perfect for your property! 
  • THE FIXED SPRAY. It is a type of sprinkler that does not throw and supply water in distant areas. Usually, it can reach a maximum measurement of 16 feet and not lesser than 3 feet. If you have a small yard and lawn, then this type is perfect for you! 
  • THE OSCILLATING. If you want to have a sprinkler without spending too much, then this type is perfect for your lawns. It streams out water in a straight manner. Usually, it will throw water in a rectangular motion or square patterns. The water threw for a maximum of 20 feet, which is best for lawns of medium size.  
  • THE TRAVELING. It is usually named tractor sprinklers. It travels around the lawn and deposits droplets of water. It is the best and wise option if you have a single sprinkler and has a wide area to water.  
  • THE MISTING. If you are looking for a sprinkler that will not spray at a high rate, then the misting is best for you! It is best for your plants and sods as it will not provide an inappropriate rate for the soil.